New Hope Baptist Church
Monday, April 22, 2019
Living Life Together
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Youth Ministry

     Here at New Hope, we are passionate about our youth ministry! We believe that the next generation has a huge impact on our culture, and we want to challenge our students to be a light for Christ! Here are some of the various activities that we do with them throughout the week:
Youth Group! 
     We meet every Wednesday night at 6:30pm here at New Hope for youth group, which is a crazy fun time, filled with much laughter, and great conversations. We also do a topical Bible Study with our students each week that is geared towards challenging, and encouraging them in their own spiritual walk! Come join us if you can!
Sunday School!
     Every Sunday Morning at 9:15am, we have a Bible Study organized specifically for our youth! This is where we go from our topical studies at Youth Group, to more of a direct and focused walk through study of the Bible. This is where students will be given an opportunity to take a verse by verse approach, and really go in-depth!
Sunday Night!
     Sunday Night at 6:30 pm, we have another Bible Study which is again, specifically geared for youth! So what's the difference between Sunday Morning and Sunday Night? Our Sunday Night Bible Study has an atmosphere that is more relaxed, focusing on the Word and applying it to our daily lives. We take time to go through the Bible enabling students to own their faith, equipping them to face the challenges of school life.